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From TIC’s desk

The academic concerns of the college reflect a broad concern for human welfare, expressed in an academic focus on social sciences, humanities and cultures. It is our students who do most to create the character and atmosphere of the college. To make the teaching –learning environment more technically advanced along with its tradition of homely environment the Institution is launching its new website. My regards to the honorable District Magistrate, Murshidabad as well as President of the Governing Body and all the honorable Governing Body members for their support towards our initiative. We are stepping forward along with whole hearted assistance from our colleagues for the betterment of academic environment.


To carry the light of higher education within the reach of all and to empower the learners from the marginal background to be the part of national development as embedded in logo of the college.


In order to accomplish the vision the institution has promulgated the Mission Statements as –

  • To impart sound and meaningful higher education to the learners.
  • To expand the facility of higher education to all eligible students of the society.
  • To facilitate them achieve successful professional career.
  • To expand the horizon of education through introduction of new pedagogical praxis.
  • To empower the student to be self reliant and to achieve excellence so that they can derive the benefit of national development.
  • To supoort them to become ideal and responsible citizens of the country.
  • To produce intellectually sound, morally upright socially concerned students to be of service to the nation.

Plans ahead of us:

  • For the up gradation of the quality of education, the college needs to be assessed by the NAAC.
  • Completion of college building as per master plan. A few segments are still to be constructed, rest are in place
  • The construction of the Girls’ Hostel has begun. With the completion of the building we would be able to put things into perspective.
  • Science stream will be introduced to keep pace with the day. We are looking into the process to execute the plan in future.

Academic flexibility

As a part of the modern system of education it has become imperative to provide the students an edge beyond the strict framework of a department. Inter-disciplinarity has by now become a new method of engagement with the students. However, in the rural space, this practice beyond discipline needs more improvisation. So we have taken few of the following steps to generate more result:

  • The faculty members are given responsibilities to conduct workshops / lecture-demonstration periodically beyond the department. At least two such lectures from each department have been prescribed per month. This is basically to generate student participation and awareness outside the text books.
  • Faculty members of each department are advised to take their classes correlating them with contemporary societies and current events.
  • The sources of knowledge are used from the very basic mundane spaces and immediate present.
  • Story-telling method is applied mostly.
  • Quiz is an important component here.
  • Theatre as a means of education

This multi-dimensional teaching method is pretty new in this space. Hence there is a lot of initial resistance due to the temporal limitation of an academic calendar. However, one output of such improvised methods is that it builds a bond between departments and batches. Results we have attained so far:

  • The fact that teachers from other departments have started taking periodical classes has made this practice very popular than the usual student-centric study method.
  • Few of the faculty members have participated or are directly attached to folk performances of Bengal. Thus demonstration by the college faculty creates more advantage due to the familiarity of space. In such interactive methods, students too participate without hesitations.
  • Story-telling method has its benefits. We all grow up listening to stories. Hence it could be used as an important method in pedagogy. Participation hardly becomes an issue on such grounds.
  • Theatre workshop has been conducted in few departments. Departments like English, Bengali have received great response. Theatre and physical exercises develop an individuality which otherwise the bookish culture cannot create in a student.

However, there remains our limitation. We are not equipped enough financially and in terms of permanent faculties. So this method stands with a threat that with academic pressure this tempo could easily fizzle out and one has to begin anew in the next academic session. It is important to keep this energy flowing in the students. The energy that gets generated out of such events could be used to channelize them in serious academic endeavours. This is our goal. With this energy they could opt for other disciplines for higher education and become employable in the future.